Mastercam 2020 Activation

Mastercam Software Licensing Activation and Deactivation [Includes Offline]

Activation Wizard

Current compatibility starting with Mastercam 2019.

Mastercam's Activation Wizard guides you through the process of activating or deactivating your Mastercam software license. Once you receive your activation code, run the Activation Wizard on the computer that you want the license installed on.

The following procedures explain this process in more detail.

Activating a License

Follow the procedures below to activate a license on the computer with the Activation Wizard installed on it. This computer does not need to be connected to the Internet, however you will need another Internet-connected computer to complete the activation process.

Deactivating a License

Follow the procedures below to deactivate a license on the computer with the Activation Wizard installed on it.

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